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ATTENTION: If you are interested in a goat and would like to give me a deposit for that animal I will take 20%. The animal will still be advertised for sale until you pick the animal up. I WILL NOT sale the animal out from under you. I will only take the names of other's who are also interested in case you would decide to not purchase the animal. A deposit is non-refundable. The only way it is refundable is if you come and decide to not purchanse the animal or if a accident would occur and the animal was lost. I will hold the animal for you with a deposit for two weeks. After that if the animal is not picked up it will be for sale again with NO REFUND!

We are consigning 10 lots to the Wild and Wonderful Boer Goat Sale May 30th 2015! Check out the catalog at www.boergoats.com


DOB 9/8/2013. ABGA # 10637548. Real nice young buck here. He's got the who's who in his pedigree! His sire side is full of color. On the dam side he has Wide Load and Bo Jangles. We wanted to show this young buck in the spring but he came up with a growth spurt on his knee. It almost totally gone now and if we end up keeping him he will be showing for us in the fall. This buck has great length and the bone and natural muscle is just so impressive. He's a monster at a young age but then again he was a huge single with lots of good milk from momma. He is a gentle giant. Very easy keeper and easy to work with. This line is extremely hardy. 


SOLD Thank You Crista and Carla Crawford

ASHS Jack Frost

DOB is 10/5/2012. ABGA #10593485. He has passed both visual inspections and has 4 points. Bite is dead on. Very nice buck that I hate to let go. He has sired traditionals, paints and reds for us. We currently have 7 does bred to him for fall kids. Easy to handle buck. He was Reserve Yearling Buck at a show in May. The judge commented on his beautiful roman head, his big hip, his bone and his deep twist.  


Thank You Maryellyn Potter Matheny